SAP Workload Automation
Rebuild your productive SAP Workload and Interfaces in your Test environment. Build the basis for smart business and technology decisions. Ensure productive stability in agile scenarios and immense cost savings on projects, infrastructure and licensing.
With the JMeter based SAP Workload Automation, it's possible to generate fully functional business transactions and it is ideally suited as a tool for load and performance tests. Thanks to the portability and scalability of the JMeter, the tool can be used as a load driver in any scenario: on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid scenarios. With JMeter as an Open Source basis, there are no license costs or extravagant hardware requirements that are required to implement our SAP Workload Automation.

JMeter is designed for HTTP(S) Connections, but thanks to our customizing all other protocols relating to the SAP world are also provided.

Numerous Dialog transaction protocols and technologys are supported, such as:
- http (s)
- Remote BAPI

Besides it's usage as a load driver sending SAP Workload to SAP Systems our Workload Automation can also be used as a virtual interface and Reciever of all kind of external SAP calls. JMeter can be called a Virtual Interace that reproduces the productive load Scenarios of your SAP system in the Test Environment.

SAP workload automation is one of the most important foundations for enabling performance optimization before productive implementation. This is particularly important in the context of large transition projects, but also for proactive optimization in agile environments or in huge system landscapes that have grown over a long period of time.