S/4 HANA Migration -
Critical Impact Interface Optimization
The smooth transformation to S/4HANA requires a detailed analysis and evaluation of existing interfaces. Our solution ensures a cost-optimized and risk-free analysis in advance.
The content of the present case study includes the following problems and approaches:
- Tool-based analysis of the interface architecture of complex SAP ERP environments, in particular to prepare for the transformation to S/4HANA.
- Extensive analysis of the processes and processes to optimize the target system before the transformation.
- Scalable and portable solution for all existing installations, especially industry solutions.

Critical Impact Interface Analysis
In the customer's SAP environment, around 40% of the entire SAP system load is caused by external interfaces. SAP's own S / 4HANA Readiness Check supported the assessment of the fundamental transformation effort, but complexity and cost drivers such as connected systems, system networks, interfaces and web services were not taken into account.

Therefore, in the run-up to the migration from SAP ERP 6.0 to S/4HANA, the customer used our comprehensive methodical and tool-supported interface analysis to validate the migration plan on the one hand and to optimize the performance of the target system on the other.